June 2024
One Trick Pony, Los Angeles

May 2023
Craft Contemporary, Los Angeles

June - Sep. 2022
Kassel, Germany

Feb. 2022
Ashes/Ashes, New York City

Dec. 2021
The Institue for Art and Olfaction, Los Angeles

Oct. - Dec. 2021
Maison Anonyme: Heresies 2021-2016
Shoot the Lobster, Los Angeles

Oct. - Nov. 2021
Nose: Making Sense of Scents
Spielart Festival, Köşk, Munich

Feb. 2020
Seasons Gallery, Los Angeles

Sept. 2019
Interdimensional Ritual
Roman Stadium, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

July 2019
Ever Present: Cosmos
Getty Center, Los Angeles 
June 2019
L: Facets of Enlightenment
Marlborough Gallery, New York
May 2019
Presenter, judge, Art + Olfaction Awards
Oude Kerk, Amsterdam

May 2019
Smoothly Moving Parts: Scent and the Transhuman
Lecture, Experimental Scent Summit, NDSM, Amsterdam

Mar. 2019
L: Facets of Endarkenment
Stems Gallery, Brussels

Jan. 2019
Five Car Garage, Los Angeles

Dec. 2018 - Jan. 2019
Site-specific scent, Team (gallery, inc.), New York

Nov. 2018
Sandwich Gallery, Bucharest

Sept. 2018
Capital, San Francisco

Scent design for artist Joe Merrell

May 2018
Judge, Art + Olfaction Awards
The Tabernacle, London

May 2018
Altered States: Transcendence and the Uncanny 
Lecture, Experimental Scent Summit, Swedenborg Society, London

Mar. 2016
Kodak Memory Observatory
Scent palette design, SXSW, Austin, Texas

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