Founded in 2016, Maison Anonyme composes sophisticated fragrances inspired by the unique and remarkable individuals who wear our creations.

Our guiding principal has always been to produce surprising, exceptional fragrances that celebrate the fine art of living.

Designed to enchant, delight, and inspire, our scents are formulated with an eye to sustainability and responsible stewardship of the natural world, and are blended and bottled entirely by hand.

By turns sensual, playful and rigorously cerebral, our fragrances are respectful of both the wearer and the craft, offering a true alternative to mass-market perfumery that nonetheless remain grounded in classical technique.


The first three fragrances from Maison Anonyme — L'Immortel, Pale Fire and Vespero — were entered into the archives at the Osmothèque in Versailles, France in 2018. The Osmothèque is responsible for the authentication, registration, preservation, documentation and reproduction of historically significant perfumes, all of which are held in the archives and accessible by the public.


MAISON ANONYME employs Adrian Frutiger's Avenir typeface across all its communications. Released in 1988 by the Linotype foundry, the word avenir is French for "future." The family takes inspiration from the geometric style of sans-serif typefaces developed in the 1920s that took the circle as a basis, such as Erbar and Futura. Frutiger intended Avenir to be a more organic interpretation of the geometric style with details recalling traditional typefaces. He has described Avenir as his finest work. 


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