Beauty Matter

For most brand owners, selling perfume is selling a story, so the more fantastical the narrative origin, the more likely it is to grab a consumer’s attention amidst the constant onslaught of new releases. In honor of these olfactory rebels, BeautyMatter rounded up the most eclectic fragrance releases...



Art and Olfaction Awards
After a few months of processing vials, we're glad to say that all the packages have arrived with the judges, and nothing was lost in the mail. We're excited to get to this next stage in the awards, and cannot wait to share the results when we announce the finalists on April 5... 


Love to Smell
Pia Long and Nick Gilbert, Olfiction
Pia and Nick deconstruct our deconstructed amber in their latest v-log entry from the UK.



Galina Stolyarova, How to Spend It
American perfumer Christopher Gordon, creator of niche perfume brand Maison Anonyme, has released his first collection of three fragrances under the name Eaux d'Artifice. Each masterpiece in this trio of perfumes blends sensuality and intelligence. L'Immortel with its fascinating, ghost-like transparency balances woody notes with the delicacy of floral absolutes, while the exotic Vespero captivates through the union of intoxicating flowers and incense. And the multifaceted Pale Fire features a striking contrast between florals and balsamic notes.



How to Do Los Angeles' Tourist Sites in 48 Hours

Agnieszka Sygnarowicz Burnett, NOMATERRA

As an avid traveler whose “been there, done that,” I’m always looking for that off-the-beaten path adventure, even in the most commonly visited cities. Take Los Angeles, there’s the infamous Hollywood sign in Griffith Park, Beverly Hills, Venice Beach — check, check and check...


Fragrance Fans Will Freak for the Hammer Museum's Upcoming Scent Fair

Ashley Tibbits, RACKED

UCLA's Hammer Museum isn't just a hub for some of the city's most incredibly curated visual art exhibitions (its current Black Mountain College show is def on our list of rad, inspirational things so see ASAP); the all-around cultural center also regularly shines a light on alternate forms of art to stimulate other senses. Case in point: the upcoming AIX Scent Fair, a three-day ode to artisan, experimental fragrance...

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